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Lakeland Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Similar to individuals, businesses retain the right to file a lawsuit – or be named in one – in the event that a law or agreement is breached. Further, businesses that are facing litigation or disputes, whether initiated by that business or not, often require legal representation to ensure that their best interests are protected. Because business law is extremely complex, the failure to retain an experienced Lakeland commercial litigation attorney when disputes arise may put your business in jeopardy. At Mank & Mank, PLLC, our Lakeland commercial litigation attorneys strive to find the most effective resolution to your business issue.

Commercial Litigation Practice Areas

Commercial litigation is a broad term that refers to all legal actions or controversies surrounding businesses issues. At Mank & Mank, PLLC, we are experienced representing businesses in a wide range of commercial litigation issues, including:

  • Breach of contract. When a business agreement of any type is entered into, all parties named in the agreement have a legal obligation to uphold the agreement’s terms. Failure to do so is termed a breach of contract, and may result in civil penalties. If you are named in a breach of contract suit, an attorney can help to mitigate damages.
  • Business torts. A business tort refers to a civil, not a criminal, wrongdoing committed by a business. Embezzlement, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and unfair competition are all types of business torts.
  • Employment disputes. Employment litigation is complex, as both state and federal laws are applicable in employment dispute cases. Types of employment disputes may include wrongful termination claims, wage and hour disputes, ADA claims, retaliation claims, and more.
  • Foreclosure. We represent both defendants and plaintiffs in Florida foreclosure matters involving either commercial or residential property, including instances when a party has been wrongfully accused of default or where a default has been cured.

The above list is not inclusive; our attorneys are experienced in handling multiple commercial litigation case types.

Why You Need a Commercial Litigation Attorney

There are myriad benefits to hiring a commercial litigation attorney if your business if facing a legal dispute. Not only will a commercial litigation attorney provide you with insight regarding important laws and regulations that you need to know, but an attorney will also work hard to protect your business’s interests, recover damages lost, and assuage potential repercussions. A commercial litigation attorney will also try to obtain an out-of-court resolution, reducing potential legal fees and time lost by going to court. Your attorney will advise you regarding whether or not settling is within your best interest, as well as other actions that may be prudent.

Our Lakeland Commercial Litigation Attorneys Are Ready to Represent You

Serving Lakeland, Florida and surrounding areas, our commerical litigation attorneys at Mank & Mank, PLLC are zealous advocates for our clients. Unlike larger firms, we provide a personalized approach with few overhead costs, while retaining the skill set and experience your case demands. To request a free case consultation, call our offices today at 863-808-1344.

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