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Lakeland Premises Liability Attorneys

Property owners have a duty to provide a safe environment for people on their premises, and they can be liable for injuries that occur because of their negligence. The personal injury attorneys at Mank & Mank in Lakeland are well-versed in all aspects of Florida premises liability law. We help victims of slip and fall accidents, negligent security injuries or dog bites recover compensation against responsible property owners, landlords and building managers. Contact our experienced Lakeland premises liability & slip/fall attorneys today for more information.

Slip & Fall Accidents

The duty of care that a property owner owes to a visitor depends in part on the visitor’s status as a public invitee, business invitee, or an invited or uninvited licensee. These are all legal definitions, and it takes a knowledgeable and experienced Lakeland slip & fall attorney to identify the proper status of the injury victim and understand the nature of the duty owed. Even a trespasser has certain rights to be free from harm under Florida law. The Lakeland slip and fall attorneys at Mank & Mank know how to investigate a slip and fall accident and determine the duty owed by the property owner to the victim.

In order to hold a property owner liable for a slip and fall, the plaintiff must be able to prove the defendant had actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition; in other words, the owner knew or should have known about the hazard, but failed to correct it or warn of the danger in a reasonable time before the accident occurred. When the hazard is a “transitory foreign substance,” such as a liquid spill or an object cluttering the aisle, it can be difficult to establish the timeframe and actual or constructive notice of the defendant. Our slip & fall attorneys will demand video camera footage, employ accident reconstructionists, or utilize industry experts as needed to prove the negligence of the property owner. At the same time, we provide a strong defense against claims that the victim was inattentive or somehow contributed to the accident.

Negligent Security Injuries

The duty to provide a safe environment can include making sure that parking lots and stairwells are adequately lit to discourage theft or assault. Depending on the circumstances, cameras, alarms and security codes may also be in order, as well as security personnel. Where security guards or bouncers are employed, they should be appropriately screened, trained and supervised so they do their job correctly and do not go overboard, assaulting customers or abusing their civil rights. We hold property owners and managers liable when their security failings leads to physical harm of innocent guests. Contact our Lakeland negligent security attorneys for more information.

Dog Bites

Florida dog owners can be held strictly liable when their animal attacks and injures someone. Strict liability means that the injured victim does not have to prove that the owner was negligent in allowing the attack to happen, or that the owner had any reason to believe the dog might be dangerous. Strict liability applies if the attack occurred on public property, or on private property if the victim was lawfully on the property when the attack happened.

Dog owners may still have several ways to defend against a dog bite claim, including if they had posted a sign in some cases, or by claiming that your own negligent behavior led to the attack. Dog bite injuries can be serious – not only are they painful and traumatic, but severe infection, fractures, nerve damage or disfigurement can result. Make sure you are fully compensated for all aspects of your injury by getting advice and representation from experienced Lakeland dog bite attorneys on your claim.

Get Help from Skilled and Knowledgeable Lakeland Premises Liability Attorneys

If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident on dangerous property, or due to negligent security or a dog bite or animal attack, contact Mank & Mank in Lakeland for a free consultation regarding your potential premises liability claim.

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